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Is Creatine a good supplement for weight training?

Posted by John M.

Creatine good or bad?
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How Serious Are You?. Adding supplements to your weight training only applies to bodybuilding. Weight training, at least how I see it, is getting your body in shape or keeping it in shape to be active all your life. It's best to eat well, sleep well and be temperate. Creatine is more of a bodybuilder's "dream think." If you think it works then it works. There are some supplements that work for builders but only if you are serious.

Hi John,

First of all, thank you for taking your health seriously. I think probably the first thing to do is identify your goals. If you are wanting to get bigger, or just become a little more solid, then creatine will more than likely be ok for you. As always, consult your physician before modifying your nutrition through the use of supplements. Another very important thing to remember is that creatine will take water from all over your body and put it into your muscles. You WILL have to increase your water intake. If you don't, it could cause serious liver and kidney damage. I hope this helps, let me know how it goes. Thanks.

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