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Posted Apr 22 2012 10:39pm
So I guess I'm starting a blog. I'm not sure what made me do it excatly, or what makes me think there needs to be one more blog thrown in with all the other health and fitness blogs, but I did it anyway. I think it's two things combined
#1 - I've just recently gotten serious about weight lifting and about being fit and strong. I've always been "in shape" from natural exercise and eating well, but only seriously started working out (as in, at a gym) about 8 months ago, and seriously lifting weights about 3 months ago. Same goes for nutrition - I've always been moderately smart about eating, but only about 3 months ago did I get serious about what I put into my body, how it affected me, and what it could do for me. A big part of what has helped me on this journey, and what will continue to help me, is reading other health and fitness blogs. I have no desire to be a figure competitor...I'm not quite sure what my desires are (in more ways than one), but I do know that I'm not yet where I want to be.

#2 - I've always loved writing. Growing up, I used to sit down and spend my time writing short story after short story (which is a little funny considering what my name is), and loved it and used to actually be good at it. The ideas for stories seemed endless. But something happened along the way. The more I grew up, the less I wrote, until I stopped writing completely. I'm not sure what it is - whether it was other life obligations, the people who tell you you can't do something(coughhighschoolguidancecounselorcough), or just becoming a "grown-up", but I seem to have no more creativity. I've tried the past few years to write again - something, anything...and it results to nothing. So this is what I've given myself. A chance to write again. And hopefully, being in an area that I'm excited about, it will spark something. Although I work in the field of health promotion, I don't really get to write - not like this.

So I'm throwing it all together and seeing what comes out of it. I'm going to write about my fitness journey, and maybe some other aspects related to health promotion, along with other weird little parts of my life. I'm not promising to be witty, correct, an expert, entertaining, or even mildly interesting, but I do promise to be honest and completely myself. Here goes nothing!
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