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Intervals Done Right

Posted Mar 24 2010 9:31am

Hey everyone!! Wow, its Hump Day again already! Mom was right: The older you get, the faster time goes.

Anyhoo, getting straight to the point today:

I got damn sick and tired of messing up my intervals all the time.

My mind wanders, I forget to look at my watch and before I know it, I’ve either run farther and longer than I was supposed to (not necessarily a bad thing), or walked farther and longer than I was supposed to (the “Cardinal of all Interval Sins”).

So, I went looking for the solution … I looked at a bunch of interval watches but everything I found uses audible beeps to notify the user of the start / end of each interval. Seeing as I wear an mp3 player when I do cardio, I just can’t hear the beeps, so that’s more or less useless to me.

GymBoss Interval Timers So I kept searching for what I need: something with a vibration function to alert me that it’s time to change speeds.

Yippee, I finally found it. Thank you GymBoss .

So, now that I’m getting my “Intervals Done Right“, I also now have a new personal challenge.

Check it out

Vibration-mode really is the way to keep me honest and on track with my Interval Training.

Since recording this little rave-fest I’ve also used the stopwatch function on my new GymBoss Interval Timer to time out my Kettlebell sets for exercises like Swings, Snatches and Cleans since I am now working out with my groovy new Kettlebells. And it works GREAT!!

Thanks again GymBoss . Super glad you exist and your little timer is fantastic.

GymBoss Interval Timers
Get Your Own GymBoss Interval Timer Here!!!

Workout Song of the Day

Yep, there’s a tie-in. I figure that now that I have this groovy new Interval Timer to keep reminding me, I can let my mind “Dream” all it wants to, I know I won’t miss my next ‘run’ interval when it vibes to tell me to get “Runnin’“.

See how I worked that out? Tricky, eh? LOL.

Besides, it’s a terrific song to help you crank out a great cardio session.


Tom Petty – Runnin’ Down a Dream

Don’t forget, if you dig it and want to run down a dream while you’re getting your cardio done, just click on the Buy Button on the Player Widget and Amazon will get you set up asap.

That’s it for today. I’m off to kick my own butt on the seawall with some hard-core Interval Training (was there ever any doubt?) LOL

Have a fit, fun and fantastic day.

ps. hey, if you haven’t heard my Interview with Scott Colby, “My First Six Pack” Creator from a couple of days ago, make sure you head over there, it’s an information-packed discussion that you really don’t want to miss.

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