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Intermittent Fasting... ...

Posted Jun 13 2009 12:01am
Intermittent Fasting...

I have had some very interesting conversations with Zachariah Salazar re: my dietary "issues" and have come to the conclusion that I will be giving an intermittent fasting protocol a try.

This will be fasting until the evening meal and then "Katie bar the door" ;)
Here is a link with a pretty good post on IF and some actual research...

I have done the Warrior Diet in the past for periods of time and always felt very good but the difference here is the true fasting in between feedings. Research and anecdotal evidence seems to indicate that taking the "stress" off of the gut by not "grazing" all day is actually very important. We shall see...

Today will likely be the most challenging day since I ate my big meal yesterday a bit early and I have a very full day of work so we shall see how it feels by the end of the day.

And here is a link to an IF website...

Training wise I ordered some Jumpstretch bands yesterday so that I can incorporate a greater variety of band tension into my squat cycles and I will be going with guarenteed 10 minutes a day KB training to improve my conditioning.
Bulazy or not - even I have 10 minutes a day.

Big changes for the Jones
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