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I want to help you reach your goal

Posted by Raffi L.

Below are some tips on how to go about building muscle (the right way - healthy). - To build muscle, you need a consistent routine involving weight training, sleep, and diet. - Stretch and warm up first! Stretch and cool down afterwards! - To tone the muscle, do high (15) repetitions. - To increase the size of the muscle, do moderate (10) repetitions. - To strengthen the muscle, do low (5) repetitions. - Between sets rest for about one minute, then back to it! - Use proper technique when lifting weights. - Take twice the time to lower the weight that it took you to raise it. - Eat smaller, more frequent meals throughout the day. - Eat within an hour of working out. This is the ?window of opportunity?. - Read my article on nutrition! - Stretching can increase your strength. Hold each stretch for 20 seconds. - Alter your exercise routine every 6 weeks or so to add variety. - Be patient! If you have any questions, I am here to help!
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I am a beginner. I appreciate any and all advice about my growing workout. I am going through the motions of strength training, but not yet really working hard at it. I am focusing on my cardiovascular growth first. I just don't think I can concentrate on improving myself in yet another arena, just yet, so I am just "weighting" for my next phase of growth in weights. I also need how to learn how to swim with good form again so I can use swimming as a lifetime sport, as I continue to age and experience the expected increased arthritis symptoms.

 I have a personal blog, for my own personal so-called creative de-gassing. [As far as I know, I only have one reader: myself.] In it, I sometimes write about my baby experiences at the southwest YMCA - all in a positive and respectful light; I love the place and the people there.

 Best wishes to you all on Christmas day - and to our friends of other religions we extend special friendship today in the spirit of increased peace -

I too am also in the beginning stages of gaining control of my health.  I am taking a fitness 101 (30 day) class at Club Yuma working with a trainer 3 days a week.  I am seeing and feeling the results of my efforts.   Through the process my body is telling what food it needs, more protein, water, carbs, etc. but I have a hard time eating within the our of my workout.  I tend to feel nausious when my heart rate gets elevated quickly.  Grant it when I first started I was emptiing my stomach during my first week but the nausea kick in when I am in the heat of the day.  I drink nothing but water, with the exception of protein drinks within 30 min after I work out, but want to avoid the yuckie feeling.  Any advice?
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