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"I've Made A Huge Mistake"

Posted May 02 2010 10:26am
Back in the day Annie and I used to watch the show " Arrested Development ".  We loved one of the main characters, Gob, played my Will Arnett

He used to screw up and do something ridiculous pretty much every episode and once he realized it he would say
First, if you have a bunch of time of time to kill on the trainer or treadmill rent the Arrested Development DVD's because this is a hilarious show.  Second, How does this little diddy relate to me?  Well, I signed up for a HIM .......... wait for it ............. wait for it ............. in two weeks!

I did this a couple of days ago and for some reason when I think of the event this quote from Gob keeps popping up in my mind. Which is actually pretty cool because it make me laugh.

In reality, I am not super concerned (just a little) and think I will do fine at the race.  My main reason for signing up is that the c ancellation of the Swim portion of the Oly Tri last weekend has been bothering me. Really bothering me.  The work that I put in to get better at my swim was not tested and with a Nov 7th HIM scheduled I was going to use that Oly swim as a measuring stick.  The other events I have coming up are all Sprints and with the heat and humidity in SE Texas the Tri season goes on a bit of a hiatus for a few months.

Now the race I signed up for is the Texas Man Triathlon  and it is on Sunday, May 16th about an hour North of Dallas (5 hour drive for me).  They also have a Sprint and Olympic race on the same day. Signing up for the Oly Distance would probably have made more sense and that is what a rational person would probably do.  BUT I rarely get accused of being "rational" so I irrationally choose the Long Distance Course!

All the above being said I have actually been doing a generic HIM training program for the last 20 weeks and before that was running 40+ miles a week for 3 months. So the last 8 months have been extremely tight in terms of base training.   But since this is my first year of training for longer distances I have only been doing base training.  Most of my harder effort training has only been done on actual race days.  The good news is I have already done 8 races since January but the bad news is that I know my training has not been specifically geared towards completing this race. So my time may not be as good as I am capable of with more specific training - which is planned for the Nov 7th IronStar HIM - and I will just have to be okay with that.

The type of training however is a minor concern because my goals in the race will be to just have fun on the swim and let the bike and run portion come to me.  I am hopeful I can pull a 50 minute swim, 3hr 10 min bike, and 2 hr run for a total of around 6-6:15 with transitions.  This will be a great test to see how my fitness compares to where I think I am and where I actually need to be - sometimes that line gets blurred!  Once this is done I will have better knowledge of what needs to happen for the IronStar HIM training.


Today is a BIG DAY for the 100 Push Up Challenge!!! It is MAX Day and I am going to try to get to 100.  I smashed the workouts on Wednesday and Friday and am confident I can do the 100 this afternoon.  It is going to hurt and I am trying to mentally psych myself up for it by typing this.

If anyone else is attempting the 100 in the next couple of days let me know!

Thanks for Reading,

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