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I haven’t blogged in a while….

Posted Nov 15 2012 7:52pm

and to be honest, I don’t really know why. I’ve kind of gotten a bit sidetracked recently from the whole blogging thing. I am still checking on here though, but just haven’t really had anything to write, so I’ll tell you whats been happening since I last wrote on here.


This week I started a new workout split as I felt my old one had got a bit stagnant and wasn’t doing as good as it should be. Although that could be down to my work rate. Anyway I decided a new split was worth giving a go. My new split is as follows : -


Monday – Chest and Triceps

Tuesday – Back and Biceps

Wednesday – Legs and Abs

Thursday – Chest and Biceps

Friday – Back and Biceps

Sun & Sat – Rest


You may be thinking that it’s relatively similar to my previous split and to be honest it is. The main difference is that I’m now doing my chest and back twice during the week, and also minimised my rest periods between sets to 90 seconds maximum and I’m not going to lie, I have left that gym sweating every day since I began and had the sorest DOMS, for months. In fact it’s the only DOMS I’ve had in months. So something must be working, right?

The bad part to this week is, that I seem to have developed a self-diagnosed Tendinitis. What’s that you say? It’s sore that’s what, or at least if that is what I actually have then it’s sore. The pain sort of stems from the inner part of my elbow joint and spreads down through my forearm to my fingers and up my upper arm to my shoulder. It’s most uncomfortable and seems to be much worse when I actually try to sleep. For the time being that seems to be me resorting to Ibuprofen, Ice and immobility in my left arm for the next four days. Not very fun, when I’m 3 days into a new 5 day routine, but I suppose resting is better than making it worse.


Fingers are crossed I’ll be back in the gym in no time, and I’ll make sure to get some new content up here for you as soon as.


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