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i got 4 itchy bumps on my penis its been there for 20 days now

Posted by yesman21

it started 20 days ago just one poped up and i notice it in the shower right below the head of my penis and it itched and when i scratched it it got real big and irritated then it went down and itched only every now and then the a few days later another one came in about an inch below it samething itched and i squeezed it thinking maybe theyre ingrown hairs but nothing came out it just irritaited it and got real big then with time wnt down in size but remained a bump easy to see these bumps then they scabed over and healed but the bump is still there but they dont itch as much anymore but now i got another one that just came in 2 days ago same thing itch but i havnt done anything to it and it just keeps itching at random times then sometimes theirs no itch at all i have to check to c if the bumps are still there and they are it only itches on the bumps any idea what it is
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