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Hip Extremely tender to touch

Posted by Sambo92

When sleeping, i cannot lay on my left side at all, Ever.
Laying on that side for more than 5 minutes leaves me in days of pain.
When i stand up and give my left Hip a little tap with my hand i have a shooting pain go down my thigh to my knee, it really hurts.
I can feel the pain just pulsating all day every day 24/7, when you compare my entire left leg to my right leg, measurements tell me that my right thigh is 2 "'s bigger than my left, and my right calve is 1" bigger then my left, so there is muscle inballance too... but when you tap my right hip, i feel no pain, even if i hit it with all my strength i feel no pain, but when i tap me left Hip i feel a shooting pain as i said before... 

My right leg can take all of my body weight, i can stand on one leg no problem, but my left leg ! haha. :o well i cant even put any wieght on it at all... i just shake like it is seriously weak or something.... : / i really do not know what it is.... 

I feel like my left leg has 20% healthy and my right leg is 100% healthy, no problems at all... My right leg is bigger though as i said before, by two inches on my thigh and 1 inch on my calve, its only the last 10 months i've been having this problem, had no accident or anything, it just gradually worked it's way into my conciousness. :(

Doctor said train my leg, stand on it and lower myself down, but i cant even do that, it feel like a nerve is out of place or something... just a stupid paid that makes me sleep on my right everynight :(

Also, if i am laying on my right, ( on my right hip ) i cant have my left leg resting on my right leg, i feel the pain, like it is stretching my left hip or seomthing... what do you think? :(
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this could be any number of things, I would stronlgy suggest you seek the help of a physical therapist. The shooting pain could be indicitive of a neurological defect, a bursitis with readiatig pain. You could even have an element of illiotibial band syndrome, or a combination.

Out of curiousity, do you get numbness or pins and needles anywere in your left leg?
Are there particular activities or movements that hurt more than others?
when you say your hip, where exactly do you mean?
Does the pain feel sharp or is it a dull ache?
How old are you?

I may be able to point you in the right direction regarding your pain, but you should see a physical therapist.

Brandon Goulding MscPT

Hi Brandon, Thanks for commenting :) I really appreciate it :D.

I do not get pins and needles in my left OR right leg, nor do i get numbness.

It's a dull ache in my left leg, i personally feel like it's my left hip because when i tap it slightly i get a "shooting pain" go down left leg to my knee, when i lay down in bed i cant have my left leg in hmmm how do i describe it, like an acute angle... ? its almost like im stretching some kind of muscle in there thats when it hurts most, i cant have my left leg laid across me i have to lay on my back and have my left leg winged out to the left so i dont feel pain or " pressure ", its getting to be a hassle now as i feel like i've lost total strength in my left leg, i cant walk up the stairs without feeling a pain or naturally trying to compensate for it by putting all my body weight on my right leg, i cant sit down for long periods of time or i will feel pain, my right leg is fine :(. no problems. just my left.

Something has to be wrong, my body would have healed it's self by now, surely.

It's there 24/7 every night every day, every second, i can really pinpoint the pain when i put all my weight on my left leg and try to bedn my leg a little, or stand on one leg kind of thing, i jsut cant take my weight.

I am 20 years old

5.11 ft tall

weigh 147 pounds

about 10.1/2 stone.

I did go to the docs a while back, and he said it " Might " be illiotibial band syndrome, how do i get rid of it ? :( hope you can help.

Would compound weight excersises be a good idea? like squats and stuff like that ? because to be honest, waiting isnt an option to me anymore, i have to take action, it's not healing it' self, haha.

Thanks for you time. :)  

The pain is at the top of the femur :/ Femur Hip

Laying on my left side in bed is a no go zone, i cannot do this and havent been able to for a bout a year now. 

When i lay on my left side for more than 1 minute it really hurts my " At the top of the femur bone " hip ? . that's where i feel it, right in there on the edge haha. 

So yeah laying on my side, cannot do it!.

I cannot put weight on it, ( standing on one leg ) or both, i just cant, even getting up the stairs is proving to be annoying now. 

HI Sambo,

it could possibly be something to do with your iliotibal band, that  would typically presents with pain down the lateral (outside) of leg and knee and it would feel very tight. You may also have an element of trochanteric bursitis. Your trochanter is the "top of the femur" that you describe. There's also the possibility of a biomechanical deficiency in and around your pelvis and SIJ joint. 

compound exercise are likely to aggrevate the situation. At this point your best bet really is to go th a physical therapist for corrective exercises and manual therapy. 

I really can't offer much more without doing a physical assessment unfortunately. 

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