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Posted Apr 23 2012 10:14am
Morning! I woke up this morning, the 23rd of April, to SNOW! The joys of living in Canada! After letting my dog, a basset hound named Watson, outside (I'm pretty sure he gave me a look like the snow was my fault), I got my workout in. Here is what my workout looked like today, after warming up for a few minutes by jumping rope

I know it seems really simple for those of you who are used to whipping out sweaty, jam-packed gym sessions every time you work out, but right now I'm using my weight lifting sessions to really focus on building strength. My training is based on the principles of Nia Shank's  program - her website is a must to check out if you're female (you don't even have to be female), and take an interest in weight lifting, or just in fitness. She's a proponent of big compound exercises, rather than thousands of isolation exercises which log you hours at the gym (hello lat raises, tricep kickbacks, etc.) and not wasting time on "cardio". She really knows her stuff and I fully believe in all of her principles. Right now I combine 3-4 weight lifting sessions per week with 1-2 HIIT workouts - we'll see where this takes me over the next few months.

Speaking of blogs, some other ones besides Nia's that I follow regularly and love to pieces are: Peanut Butter Fingers - Julie is a hilarious freelance writer in Florida and loves good food and working out, Natalie Hodson (on Facebook) - she provides tons of tips on clean eating, Electra over at Vanilla Bean Lean - her motivation for fitness is infectious, Brittany at little b's healthy habits , and gastronomicfitness , a fellow Ontarian, interested in exercise and good eating without depriving yourself. I'm sure there will be more to come!

Happy Monday! Here's hoping the snow will melt quickly!
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