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Healthy Skin, Youthfulness and Bodybuilding

Posted Sep 28 2008 10:01pm

Healthy skin, youthfulness and bodybuilding go hand in hand don’t you think? Otherwise, why would any of us work out? I mean, why bother? Yet, the simple fact remains that few of us do anything to take good care of our skin, and our skin is the very first thing we notice about each other. Moreover, the quality of our skin says a lot about our health and well being due to the fact that the quality of our skin is a direct reflection of what is taking place inside our bodies.

As athletes, we bust our asses in the gym, day in and day out, striving for peak conditioning and well being. All the while, and without realizing it, we are doing things to our bodies that have the potential to age us beyond our years.

Every day we train hard, thousands of internal chemical and hormonal fluctuations take place in our bodies without us every being aware of it. Yet, those changes are directly reflected in subtle changes in the skin.

Cortisol production, for example, is rather high in athletes. As athletes train intensely, their bodies produce lots of it. Physical exertion cannot be avoided in life, and if you plan on making gains in the gym you can count on expending more than your fair share of it. As a result, you can also expect your levels of Cortisol to be higher than normal. But what is Cortisol?

Cortisol is a hormone produced in the adrenal glands, but in a different section than DHEA. Unlike DHEA, its production and blood level do not decrease with age. When a person is under stress, either physical, mental, or emotional, the hypothalamus stimulates the pituitary gland with corticotropin releasing hormone (CRH) causing the secretion of adrenocorticotropin hormone (ACTH). The ACTH circulates through the body to the adrenal glands and causes the secretion of cortisol.

In small amounts cortisol is beneficial, even necessary. But chronic stress can elevate levels of cortisol to the point that it becomes destructive. Elevated levels of cortisol can cause the thinning of bones, immune system suppression, weakened muscles, fat deposition around the waste, and thinner skin. It’s the affect on skin that is the point of this column.

Bodybuilders in particular, and athletes in general, need to take care of their skin. Athletes are constantly pushing their bodies so hard that elevated levels of cortisol is just an occupational hazard. As a result, the quality and elasticity of skin in the athlete can suffer.

As an aside, have you ever seen stretch marks on an athlete? Athletes get them. Sometimes, the strech marks can be so bad and so unsightly that they must be removed surgically. All the more reason to do something to support the skin.

Metabolic Diet recently came out with a product to address the issue of skin care from a nutritional standpoint. It is called Inside/Out.

The purpose of this product is to restore collagen to the skin. In addition, numerous nutritional components are added to the formula that are dsigned to combat oxidative stress in skin. The result is healthier, more youthful skin. Among the many benefits of this product are:

  1. Increase the health and strength of the dermis, epidermis and supporting structures, resulting in healthier, younger looking skin.
  2. Decrease wrinkles, help clear up any skin problems, and increase healing while at the same time decreasing side effects from environmental stresses, including exposure to the sun, and cosmetic procedures and surgery.
  3. Improve dry skin by boosting the health and strength of the layers of the skin so that it naturally keeps moisture locked in.
  4. Give added protection to the skin from damaging rays of the sun and increase healing of photo damages skin.
  5. Decrease the formation and increase the healing of stretch marks, regardless of the cause.
  6. Decreases inflammation, scarring and fibrosis secondary to skin damage.
  7. Help firm up sagging skin in the face, neck and body.
  8. Help deal with areas of skin that have too much or too little pigment.
  9. Increase scalp and hair health and strength resulting in faster hair growth, increased hair follicle health and activity, a fuller head of hair,
    and decreased damage from hair coloring, curlers, perms, blow dryers, etc.
  10. Increase nail strength and thickness, get rid of white spots, protect nails from the damage of using artificial nails.
  11. Optimize the functioning and protective effects of the oil and sweat glands, thus helping to prevent dry, damaged skin and hair.
  12. Benefit the whole body and improve your health and energy.

Since ligaments and tendons are largely composed of collagen as well, it stands to reason that anything that supports the healthy production of collagen in the body is going to assist in the healing process when and if you experience an injury. The importance of this cannot be overlooked.

I think this product should be on every countertop in America.

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