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Having a rest day

Posted Oct 18 2012 5:04pm

Today I have decided to take a break from working out as my forearms are killing me again. If you’re not aware, I suffer from pretty weak wrists due to years of skating and actually dislocating and fracturing one of my wrists when doing so. This has unfortunately led me to being a bit weaker than normal when it comes to things such as front raises or anything that puts pressure mostly into my wrists than down through my arm. It also causes me a pretty large amount of discomfort in my forearms, although I’m not sure why and my doctor dismissed it as muscle pains from weightlifting. Great 30 second appointment that was.

Anyways I’m getting a bit sidetracked here,  but yeah, I’ve decided to have a rest day and try and get my daily calories required for my bulk instead. My aim is to eat around 3200 calories a day, but I’m finding it incredible difficult to do so, or at least to do so eating only clean foods and to minimise fat gains.

Today I have eaten the following.


1 Banana

1 tbsp of Peanut Butter

3 Hard boiled eggs

1 plate of chicken pasta with tomato and basil sauce

3 pieces of home made peri peri chicken (approx 1 breast)

Bells Chicken Curry Pie

Packet of Roysters crisps.

Now I realise that some of that isn’t the cleanest of foods, but even after eating all that I still only made about 1800 calories, so I opted to just go wild and ordered myself a Dominos Pepperoni Passion 8 slice pizza. Needless to say I managed to hit my calorie goal and then some.

So my daily total is now at -353 calories and I’ve hit all macros for today. If only it was that easy to eat food like that all the time but not put on any fat.

I’ll just class it as my cheat meal for the week and begin eating properly tomorrow.

Although I did say that yesterday after my chinese……

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