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Hardest place to lose?! TOTALLY

Posted Aug 24 2007 11:12am 4 Comments

After losing almost 40 lbs my body has improved a lot. i can't but be very happy abt this. even my thighs decided to slim down LOL However, when it comes to my abs...ohhhhhh boy, i'm still trying hard to get where I want to.

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Especially Pilates; that works your core like nobody's bizness! Unfortunately it is expensive, so maybe yoga's the way to go - just make sure it is power or flow yoga
Here's a link to some great ab workouts :)
You are not alone... I'm a lovely/don't-stare-people-up-and-down-type-of-person, but when I was having doubts about my body (thought everyone else's was goddess-like enviable and mine was chunk and misshapen) I decided that maybe I held everyone else on too high a pedestal. So, I started (surreptitiously I hope) to examine every other girl's body the way I do my own. And you know what? A lot of people could work on their core. I'm not saying this to sound mean--these are all girls I think look amazing. I'm saying it so you know that I'm sure everyone thinks you look fabulous!
Try core exercise. These are some of my favorite things to do at the gym or home. There are a lot of different positions you can do that use your own body as resistance. One is the plank position using your forearm to support yourself. To make it more challenging, hold your left arm out in front of you and your right leg extended out. You can also do this on the side. Another great exercise is to use a stabilizer disk (like a stabilizer ball, but a disk shape) and do squats on the disk with a medicine ball. Hope this helps!
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