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Halfway There

Posted Jul 11 2012 7:37pm


When I first registered for Tough Mudder, I had about 12 weeks to prepare. I'm now almost halfway in, and have about 6 weeks until Tough Mudder. Crazy! Surprisingly, I'm not getting nervous (yet) and I'm still working hard in the gym.

When I thought of the title and topic of this post, it reminded me of some other recent blog posts asking readers how they are doing with their fitness and nutrition new years resolutions, now that it’s halfway through the year. I don't make new years resolutions, but it did get me thinking about where I am right now at this halfway point. I've gone through a lot of changes since the start of 2012 - leaving my "comfortable" job to take a new and demanding position, moving to a new place, changing my outlook on my workouts and eating habits (and starting this blog!), committing to this upcoming race, and throughout all of this were a lot of major and tough personal events in my life. I can safely say that 2012 has so far been the most ridiculous year of my life.

What I have realized at this halfway point, is that as much as I want to, I can’t do everything and be everything. At this point I will end up burning myself out, spreading myself too thin, which will mean sacrificing one or more areas of my life. I was recently told by someone close to me that I'm actually too goal-oriented. What? Too goal-oriented? Although it’s important to have goals, I think they were partially right. I'm very Type A, and I have to be the best in everything I do. When everything doesn't go completely to plan - ex. not being fully prepared for a meeting, a professional first impression not going exactly the way I want it to, a setback in the weight room - I get frustrated, discouraged, and tired. This person's advice for me? Although it's important to have goals, if I'm too focused on them, I'm never going to enjoy the process along the way. And just like that: #mindblown.

So, despite my lack of ever having set new years resolutions, I'm setting halfway-through-the-year resolutions: 1) Cut myself some slack. Stop putting such high expectations for everything in my life: my job, my home, my fitness, my mental health, my body, my relationships, my spare time. 2) Not take on anything new for the rest of the year. And I don't just mean a race or a change, just anything new to me. I need to breathe and process. 3) For the rest of the year, let things fall as they may. I’m not taking any vacation time this summer, so unfortunately won’t be able to go home for a rest:


But I still plan on enjoying the summer, not over-thinking things or try to control what I can’t control, and letting things work them self out. This ended up being a much more personal post than I realized, but I started typing before I could think, and before I knew it, I was left with this.

How are you doing at this halfway point? Did you set new years resolutions and have you stuck to them so far?

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