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Guest Column - Dr. Mauro Di Pasquale: Increase Growth Hormone GHboost

Posted Sep 11 2008 5:31pm

Editors Note: these articles are written by Mauro G. Di Pasquale and represent his findings based on years of research. Always consult a physician before undertaking any strength training program or using any supplements.

Dr. Mauro G. Di Pasquale: Increase Growth Hormone Levels
Reprinted with kind permission from Dr. Mauro G. Di Pasquale

Boosting Endogenous Growth Hormone – The Better Way

12/9/2005 - Increasing your own natural endogenous levels of growth hormone is safer and in the long run more effective for increasing growth hormone levels and maximizing body composition than using exogenous GH. There are two main reasons for this view.

The Problems with Exogenous Growth Hormone

Growth hormone levels decline as you get older. And athletes have found that increased levels of growth hormone helps to optimize body composition, increasing muscle mass and decreasing body fat.

However there’s a lot of controversy over using growth hormone injections because of the potential side effects. But there’s a better way.

Increasing your own natural endogenous levels of growth hormone is safer and in the long run more effective for increasing growth hormone levels and maximizing body composition than using exogenous GH. There are two main reasons for this view.

First of all the use of recombinant or synthetic GH (the only kind available since 1985 when the possibility of prion infection resulting in Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease[1], a variant of mad cow disease, halted the use of GH harvested from the pituitaries of cadavers) only provides limited GH exposure.

That’s because human GH represents a family of proteins rather than a single hormone. In fact, the circulation contains over a hundred GH forms. And because we have yet to discover enough about the various forms, the net biological activity of this mixture is difficult to predict since the exogenous recombinant GH represents only 20 percent or so of the mix.

Thus far, most of the research has been largely confined to monomeric 22K, the same GH that is available for exogenous use. However, while it is certainly effective for its original intended purpose, namely growth promotion, it’s not known if it’s sufficient for optimal growth and body composition. It’s unlikely that it can fulfill all the functions of the GH family that are naturally present in the body.

As well, the use of one GH variant, as is the case with GH injections, likely decreases the production of the other variants in the body[2] thus limiting the normal biological activity of GH. This very fact has been explored as a means of detecting GH use by athletes[3].

The second reason is that the use of exogenous GH shuts down your own growth hormone production. And that’s a bad thing since it takes away some of the natural variations in GH that takes place in the body.

For example it’s been shown that the use of GH, even in low doses, decreases the natural GH peak that occurs a few hours after you fall asleep[4]. In my view it’s the peaks of GH levels in the body that stimulates the anabolic and fat burining effects of GH. If you lower these peaks, you’re not getting the most from your GH.

But it’s worse than that. When you use exogenous GH it shuts down your own natural GH producing machinery. And it takes time for your body to ramp up this machinery once you discontinue the GH injections. In some cases, with extended use (as is sometimes the case in athletes who abuse anabolic steroids and find that their testosterone levels are permanently depressed) it’s possible that the natural production of GH may be permanently impaired, making it necessary for you to go back on the injections to feel normal.

Boosting Endogenous GH

None of this happens when you effectively boost your natural endogenous GH levels. First of all you produce the full gamut of growth hormones, and secondly, by ramping up your GH producing machinery rather than shutting it down it’s never going to fail you even when you’re not ramping it up.

All that will happen is that your levels will go back to what they were before you started ramping it up.

The bottom line is that boosting endogenous GH production is more natural, more effective, and has considerably fewer (actually nil) side effects compared to the use of injectable GH.


The best way to ramp up your endogenous GH production is by using my GHboost. Not only is it the most effective GH booster on the market, but it does much more, including increasing IGF-I levels and insulin release and sensitivity to give you a triple whammy for maximizing body composition.

The combination of increased GH, IGF-I and insulin levels results in a synergistic anabolic effect on muscle while at the same time maintaining significant fat burning effects since the action of GH and IGF-I minimize insulin’s effects on body fat, but maximize it’s anabolic effects.


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