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Grooving the Club Swinging...and ...

Posted Jan 04 2010 12:11pm

Grooving the Club Swinging...and a shout out to Adam Glass...
And a Cat picture since those seem to more popular than my training advice at the moment...

Adam Glass has been talking quite a bit about what he is calling Biofeedback in training - basically "testing" a movement to see how your body responds to it. Taking the toe touch as an example - measure or gauge your toe touch before you try a movement - lets say a "squat" (any squat) - then perform a few squats and then retest your toe touch.
Did it get better or stay the same or maybe even get worse?

If better - that is a good movement to train for today
If same - keep looking for a movement that does make a difference
If Worse - do not perform that movement today

Simple right?

Well - I teach this concept all over the world as a way to make sure the corrective strategy you are using to help correct a movement pattern is actually a good corrective drill.
Do a t-spine rotation then re-test the Shoulder mobility screen - better = keep the drill, no difference or worse = try another drill.
Applying this strategy to exercises is the next logical step and it was Adam that took that step.

For myself my ASLR (active straight leg raise) is usually an "issue" so during my club swinging practice today I test various Club Swinging postures and movements against my ASLR and found some interesting results.
There are two postures my body "liked" and one that didn't do a thing for me and only one Club Swinging movement that didn't improve my ASLR. What postures and movements? You'll have to wait for the Club Swinging Essentials product!

The link to Adam's blog is below - I recommend you check it out.
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