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Go Total Body

Posted Jun 25 2008 7:17pm 1 Comment

Most body builders divide their week up into different body parts, but for the general weight lifting community total body workouts work great. They burn tons of calories, are very intense and define great muscles. Total body workouts are done by incorporating mostly multi-joint exercises into the program instead of isolated moves (targets one muscle). Moves include: squats, lunges, dead lifts, bench press, pull ups, squat with a shoulder press, etc.

Give it a try and you will feel a difference!

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Taylor, I'm completely with you on this one. I think splits are generally over-used -- especially among beginning and intermediate trainees. Splits are great to pull up a lagging muscle group or work out imbalances, but in my opinion, they are best used in moderation or as part of a change-up cycle.

Also, it's ironic, because the muscle imbalances that splits are sometimes appropriate for addressing are often the result of poorly constructed split routines. These imbalances could have been avoided altogether if the person just did a well-constructed, well-ordered full-body workout three times a week.

Here's a link to a full-body workout that I put together (and follow myself with some modifications):

Full Body Workout Routine

I caught some flack over in the Oxygen forums from one of the female trainers for this one because she prefered using more compound body weight exercises like Turkish Get-Ups, but I still stand by it (although I'm putting together another version that incorporates some of her ideas.)

Back extensions could be ditched for performing planks under my plan. And tricep and bicep isolation work is optional.

Interested in what you think.

Cheers ...


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