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Glutamine and Muscle

Posted Sep 13 2008 3:19pm

So much has been said about Glutamine and it’s role in building muscle. The shelves of Sports Nutrition stores are jam-packed with a vast array of Glutamine formulas, but the question is this: Is it hype or is there something to the claims surrounding its muscle-building potential?

I found a very interesting article by a nutritionist/MD by the name of Carl-Marcus Lokrantz. You may visit his home page

The following is an exerpt from this most interesting sports nutrition article. A link to the entire article is at the end of this post, which begins thusly:

Glutamine is a non-essential amino acid, that is, the human body can synthesize the amino acid and it is not required through the diet. Glutamate is produced when an amino group is added to keto-acids. In turn keto-acids are formed by transamination (removal of amino group) of amino acids. Glutamine is formed when an amino group is added to glutamate by the enzyme glutamine synthetase. Glutamine/glutamate is found in great concentration in muscle tissue, gut tissue and blood circulation.

There are many studies on critically ill patients and supplemental glutamine. Those studies have shown maintenance of muscle mass and improved immune sytem. There are several studies that have also shown good effect on the gut.

Click here for the entire article

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