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Glut pain/tightness and numbness in the upper & inner right hamstring

Posted by COFLID

I'm a 36yr old male and I've been working with a physical trainer for a few months and through diet and exercise have lost 28lbs.  I've had 2 speed bumps along the way. The first was lowerback pain that was corrected by proper stretching of hip flexors.  The 2nd still lingers with upper/inner right hamstring numbness and very tight and often painful right gluteus.  Sometimes after sitting for a while, I get up slowly,hunched over a little bit and walking with a shorter stride on my right side.  This condition didn't exist prior to the training.  I do stretch before and after workouts and even on off days.  I hope there is a stretch to correct this issue.  Please tell me there is another stretch to fix this issue?  Thank you.
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