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Glide Your Way to Fitness

Posted by Debi P.

If you haven't tried "Gliding", you're missing out on a fun, smooth, and new way to tone and firm your muscles. The Gliding sliding discs (they look like pretty 'paper plates' are placed under your feet and are part of a new exercise program called "Gliding". This exercise system allows for smooth, fluid, movements while strengthening and toning your muscles through a full range of motion. Some of the positive aspects of gliding are: 1) works multiple muscles while using energy to stabilize the core 2)the moves are simple and can be done by anyone 3) the movements are smooth, graceful, and fluid 4) relatively inexpensive (about $10 from the website -
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It seems like ice skating inside on a hard surface. A few years ago, I borrowed someone's exercise "machine." It was a rectangle, approximately 1 1/2 ft. wide x 3 or 4 ft. long. At each end, there was a large plastic block to stop you from sliding off the edge. You would wear shoe covers (similar to what doctors wear in the hospital) over your shoes. The exercise was to squat a little (similar to a skiing stance) and slide back and forth. It would strengthen your legs, gluts, and core. It was both fun and a great workout! But to my dismay, I can't find them anywhere, but this seems to be the updated version. Thank you for finding this!
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