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Get Your Rear in Gear

Posted by Heather J.

You may have heard about the coveted "yoga butt," and you may have seen one on a mat near you. To help you obtain one of your very own, Peter Seamans, yoga instructor at One Boulder Fitness in Colorado, created a series of postures to help give your behind a lift. Practice this series of six or twelve poses in order, focusing on one side of the body. Hold each pose for five breaths (three breaths as you become more advanced), then repeat with the opposite side. Always focus on keeping your abs and butt tight. Shoot for three sessions a week, on nonconsecutive days, and you could see results in as little as one month. The poses include standard moves, including Horse Stance, Three-Legged Down Dog, One Handed Wheel (similar to plank), Twisted Side Plank, Bound Lunge, Twisted Lunge, Balancing Stick, One-legged Forward Bend, Upright Pigeon, Plow, Bridge, and Child's Pose. View a slide show of the series at:
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I've never heard it called Yoga Butt before, but that's pretty funny. I have to add, though, if you are a male, don't build it up too much. It looks so strange when a guy has a big, muscular butt cause it really does stick out in a unique way. So funny... I know all the girls want the Jessica Biel and J. Lo bottom - this is one way to do it.
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