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Get that "300" Body!!

Posted by Ben S.

The movie “300” contains the largest group of buff, ripped, in shape men on the planet. Amazingly this is not from graphic alterations or simple tricks, but instead from hard work in the gym. A workout so intense that it could bring a grown man to tears. This workout is not just simply scheduled exercises each day but a lifestyle that had to be perfected by each of these actors through an 8 week training period. These actors transformed there bodies into Lean, Muscular, Tanks. For Example; one actor shed 40 pounds from his body weight, while increasing his Deadlift by 150 lbs. Another actor only trained five weeks and he increased his maximum number of pull-ups from 6 to 23. This workout differed from most other workouts, because it does not isolate muscles but instead focuses on the entire body each rep. These workouts stay away from normal fitness machines and use such things as medicine balls, resistance bands, and tires (yes tires). The way in which they test their progress is the infamous “300 workout”

25x Pull-up +
50x Deadlift @ 135# +
50x Push-up +
50x Box Jump @ 24” box +
50x Floor Wiper @ 135# (one-count) +
50x KB Clean and Press @ 36# (KB must touch floor between reps) +
25x Pull-up
300 reps total

They must try to do this entire workout under 20 minutes.

This workout would take me about 4 hours, and I workout everyday. So, I decided to make a group to inspire me, well to inspire everyone. The group’s name is “Intense Workout Goals”, and focuses on people that have goals to put down, and how they’re going to achieve them. Thank You 300!

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Wow, that's insane! haha.... amazing.
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