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Future Training Plans ...

Posted Apr 14 2010 8:09pm
This week is just flying by!

Here is a good pic of me from Saturday's Tri
Pointy Helmet Needed!

I have a convention in Houston the next three days and am afraid my training is going to be a little limited so I have been going pretty hard on the bike.  Over the last 3 days I have already put 93 miles in on the Quintana Roo.  I am trying to get to 200 + this week with hopefully (weather permitting) a long ride on Sunday morning to put me over the top.  Also, since James has hit 100 PUs I have been quite motivated and did Week 4, Day 1 twice yesterday and then did a max rep test this morning - hit 67 push ups.  I am feeling pretty confident that I will be able to do 100 by the time the program is complete!

Future Training Plans:

Okay,  I began my little Triathlon journey one year ago this month (29:01 5K, really?).  I guess it is my TriTraining-versary?!?

Anyway, I have been going pretty hard for a year without any breaks and lately I have been having trouble giving it my all during my workouts.  Physically I am fine, the problem has been that I am not in it mentally.  The thinking is that I might be a little burned out and could use a less structured schedule to give me a little time to relax.  My focus has been far less than what I expect and my brain is just fatigued!

Sooooo ..... after my race next Saturday I am going to take it easy for a little while. Training will commence except without a Planned Training Schedule.  I am going to run when I feel like it, bike when the wind isn't blowing, and probably not swim at all!  If I wake up at 5am and am not feeling it that morning then I will roll over and go back to bed for an hour.  I have been missing weight training so over this time I am going to hit the dumbbells again and get the upper body back.  Will also do some P90X and Insanity too! Sounds pretty good, eh?

But, do not fret fellow Triathlon -aholics.  This is by no means permanent.  In fact this is quite short-lived!  The main reason that a rest is going to be taken is that starting June 21st I will begin a 20-Week HIM training program for the IronStar 70.3 on November 7th

I want to hit this 20-week HIM training as hard as I can and need to be mentally ready to dedicate myself 100% to killing it. A little rest will allow for me to do this!

 I am also considering enhancing my bike training so that my results can be more measurable and pointed.  Not sure how this is going to happen but should have an update in a few days.

So to recap, after April 24th I am going to scale back my s/b/r and relax for a few weeks and then begin a new 20 Week HIM Training Program.  Pretty simple.

Thanks for Reading,

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