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Full Circle Training, Part 3 “Intuition”

Posted Jul 09 2009 4:45pm

I’ve got a good feeling about this. How many times have you said that in your life? I say it everyday–at least on some level, albeit, subconscious. How many times have you been training, and thought of doing something a little different, and said, I have a good feeling about this? Maybe you think that if you don’t stick exactly to the program, it will all unravel. But what if I told you that sometimes you just have to go with your gut? I am not talking about that excess adipose tissue that we often have difficulty shedding, I’m talking about intuition.

We have covered two stages of training in the subsequent installments. In this segment, we are going to talk about the third stage. So often, in training and life, we become really regimented. We tend to wear down a path.  It’s easy to do. We have to be at this place or that place at this time and not only that, but usually we have to coordinate those things with the people around us. It’s really no suprise that in some way we develop a routine.

I have, for the longest time, been of the mind, that each human has their own set of systems and sub-systems. The issue occurs when we don’t update those systems. We already know that change surrounds us all of the time. So why do we resist it so much? My personal opinion is that we forget to rely on our intuition.

Intuition–the proverbial Jiminy Cricket that resides inside of all of us. It guides us and watches out for us. This, of course, doesn’t do any good if we don’t listen to it. How does this apply to our training? Well, if we build a good knowledge base, and garner some experience, then when we have an “off” day, or just get a different vibe from the cosmos, we can listen to our intuition and feel our way through the workout. As a personal trainer, this happens every session. You have to be able to know where someone’s thoughts are, and what their physical abilities are in general, and more specifically for that day, hour and moment. This can only be sharpened through practice and experience. The best way to practice this, is on yourself.

Let’s say you have already been applying the basics and concepts to your training, but one day you go into the club and you just feel that if you do the same or similar workout, you will be bored. Now that you are having trouble getting motivated, you just want to leave. Wait! Don’t give up so soon. Use your intuition to your advantage. You know you need to workout, and that you want something different, so forge ahead! Try a new exercise or variation of an exercise that you’ve never used before. For instance; if you normally do lat pull-downs, and it has become mundane, you might do TRX lat pulls instead. Now that you’ve got something different, go back and apply the concepts to this new exercise. After that, see how you can correlate it to the basics. Before you know it you have an entirely new workout, and your energy is high. Something else you might try, is changing your speed and recovery time for the duration of the workout. Go by how you feel and then see if you can push your limits. It’s kind of like playing a trick on yourself that will get you great results. Don’t be afraid to trust your insides and filter them through science. You always have the ability to adapt, change and grow!

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