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flab to fab

Posted by Kristina M.

I really want to increase my upper body strength and make my flabby arms more toned as well. Does anyone have suggestions as to what types of exercises I can do with free weights?
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You can trim your upper body inch by inch and achieve your goal of moving from flab to fab by combining a moderately calorie daily meal plan with cardio exercise (minimum 30 minutes 4-7 times/week) and strength training. The flab you are giggling doesn't belong to your arm muscles. It is body fat that has accumulated under your skin. Cardio exercise (i.e. aerobics) will help you burn calories (i.e. shoot for 1800-2000 calorie burn/week - 30 minutes of cardio exercise = about 300 calories for an average 150 pound person). Adding strength training 2-3 days/week will help increase your body's metabolism so your body will burn more calories throughout the day. Exercises like squats, lunges, bicep curls, tricep extensions, overhead presses, chest presses, upright rows, and pull downs are all great exercises to help tone and trim the upper and lower body. Begin with light weights (under 5 pounds) and complete 8-12 repetitions for 1-3 sets. Don't forget to also work your core muscles (i.e. back and abdominals) and finish with a relaxing cool down stretch. You'll be on your way to FAB real soon. Good luck.
you can increase your upper body strength through things like weights, pilates, and martial arts cardio tapes.. I particularly do a variety of many things including doing things with a stability ball. you do have to watch your calorie (read fat intake) and make sure you have enough h20 and also protein but cut out the unnecessary fats and hit the gym, a class or even think about at home videos and some easy equipment. it's a lot better than watching tv! Stevie
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