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Fitness and nutritional tips for the pereptual business traveler. Somagenesis San Diego Personal Trainers.

Posted Oct 10 2008 2:10pm

It has become more evident than ever, that the weekly jet setting business person is more apt to fall off the health and fitness regimen, when compared to non traveling business person. This can be extremely frustrating for them, as in most cases, the intention and desire to keep up with their fitness program is good, but the conscientious desires are often sabotaged by the last minute unexpected business meeting and late evening networking dinner.

My company Somagenesis Health and Fitness has earned the reputation in the San Diego business community as the “business persons” personal training company of choice”. As president of Somagenesis, I personally manage the health and fitness lifestyles of 25 upper echelon businessmen and women. Approximately 50% of them travel weekly, and struggle with eating healthy, and/or getting in a simple maintenance workout. Here are some great and interesting solutions to these common problems.

1. Nutrition: Stocking up of healthy pre-assembled meal entrees is an easy solution. Companies like Susan’s Healthy Gourmet, or Nutra-System can create tasty healthy foods based on your dietary and caloric needs. A small carry on refrigerator lunch box can easily store 3 full meals and several quality protein bars. These food items,  can save you time, money and the frustration involved in trying to locate healthy eating establishments. I have personally checked with many of the local commuter airlines, and their are no restrictions to carrying on personal foods or snacks.

2. Eating out: If you are in a situation where you must attend an important business dinner, be smart and make the right choices. Stick to red wines at 70 calories a glass versus the Apple Martini or Dewar’s Scotch on the rocks, which can easily amount to 450 calories. Alcohol carbohydrate calories are always converted to fat calories by the liver. Don’t drink yourself fat with alcohol calories. With meal entree’s always stick to roasted lean meats, fish and poultry entrees. Skinless chicken, roast beef, and halibut are always good low fat, low calorie choices. If in doubt about the healthiness of the food, always ask the waiter how the food is prepared.  Don’t be reserved and shy, your associates will be impressed by your healthy mindset.

As a precursor to your main entree’, always indulge in a healthy high fiber garden salad with low caloric, low fat dressing. The fiber will create a gastronomical sense of satiety before you get to your main entree. Always beware of the bread basket that sits before you. A single slice of French, Italian or Sourdough bread can cost you 200 non nutritious calories, and you know, it is impossible to eat just one! Just say no.

3. Eating and drinking during boring conference room meetings: Keep your eyes and hands off the sugar glazed danish with the raspberry jelly in the center, bear claws and coffee cake. On average, eating one of these belly bombers will cost you 500 calories of junk, gut bloating calories. Ask any New York City Cop sitting in his squad car about the ramifications of just sitting and indulging in Dunkin Doughnuts. Just say no!

Instead, bring some of your favorite energy bars, trail mix medley or snack on the fruit that is commonly available at most conferences. Both Medical and business conferences are notorious for monotone speakers and a head bobbing audience, so coffee, tea, orange juice and and water are always in abundance. Coffee, tea and water are always your best choices, especially if staying awake is a problem. These drink items are low in sugar, and caffeine can rev up your adrenal gland and your metabolism. Conversely, orange juice and other fruit juices only jack up your blood sugars, which result in a post hypoglycemic reaction and secondary drop in insulin level. The end result sleepiness and hunger pangs. Remember, the secondary function of insulin is abdominal fat storage.

4. Getting in that workout: Be sure not to forget to pack your workout cloths and shoes. The good news is many hotels have a small workout center and/or a swimming pool. Hotels like Marriott and Double Tree now have a treadmill, Swiss ball and dumb bells in your personal hotel room. This is a plus for the time management challenged businessman. The best time to begin your workout is first thing in the morning. If you meeting is at 8:00AM , get to the gym by 6:00AM for a 1 hour workout. Split your workout into 30 minutes of cardio and 30 minutes of resistance training. You will feel more alive and alert for your meeting. Planning a post meeting workout is possible, but the chances of not getting in your workout, are seriously reduced. Too often unexpected business meetings and dinners sabotage the best intended plans.

5. Motivation: Your attitude for success can make or break your ability to eat health and get in your workout. My mantra to all my clients is” if you put as much energy into your health and fitness as you have your career, you could easily be another Arnold Schwarzenegger. So get chronic with the program”

In summary, the 21st century business persona lives a crazy unpredictable lifestyle that can be disastrous to overall health. I have numerous clients who had or currently live with morbid obesity, hypertension, diabetes, fatty liver disease, had strokes, chronic depression, anxiety disorders and have had heart attacks in their 40’s and 50’s. Why does this happen? There are numerous explanations, however the more common reasons are, lack of life-style balance, devotion to competition and the lure of the all mighty dollar. The remedy is so simple, but often overlooked. Exercise, proper nutrition and stress management. This has been proven over and over again, by the medical community as the most effective approach to improve health and longevity. The question is how bad do you want this, and are you willing to acquiesce and get help from the experts?

Should you decide to take the first step to improve the quality of your life, consider consulting the health, fitness and lifestyle management experts at Somagenesis Health and Fitness. Log into our award winning web site at and peruse the testimonials of fellow San Diego businessmen who have made the life changing transition into health and fitness.

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