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Fire Up Your Weak Metabolism!

Posted Oct 10 2008 2:10pm

As we age our metabolism goes indirect linear. The is a multifaceted problem that is easily preventable if people would get off their fat asses to exercise, move more and eat RIGHT! If you don’t you will not be able to burn the abdominal, hip and booty fat that naturally collects with inactivity and poor diet. There is no magic pill called “Cortislim” that will fire up your fat furnace. The grim reality is removing collective fat accumulation takes hard work and discipline. The holds true for everybody including yours truly who works out daily and is conscientious about food intake. The good news is metabolic enhancement is doable and fat last CAN be achieved if you follow the 4 pearls of wisdom.

1. Strength Training should be at the forefront of any fat loss program. Strength training can increase a depressed metabolism by 10% after a training session. Lean muscle creates a better thermogenic effect that inert fat glob.

2. Researchers have shown that those who regularly consume a healthy breakfast than those who skip it. Adding calories takes a sleepy metabolism that has titrated down for sleep/ hibernation and fires it up for action. Waiting until you feel hungry to eat is just plain stupid, as you have successfully shut down your metabolism for hours prior to that first meal.

3. Cyclical eating Patterns are a great strategy to keep the metabolic coals RED HOT. Consuming a light healthy protein rich, low sugar meals every 2-3 hours stabilized blood sugar and insulin production which regulates the ebb and flow of hunger and best of all regulates thyroid function and metabolism.

4. Interval training which is the physical act of making your heart rate rev up and down is another outstanding way to keep your metabolism. This happens because of a large EPOC or post exercise metabolism. Simplified a higher heart rate exudes a greater amount of adrenaline/nor epinephrine from the kidneys adrenals which causes lipolysis or fat burning. So remember next time you go to the gym , its the quality of the exercise not the quantity that you engage in!

I realize that this advice may seem overwhelming and somewhat difficult to integrate in your personal fitness program. This is why we are here! For some serious dietary and fitness program orchestration call the experts at Somagenesis Fitness (760) - 271-3064 to get you on right track today. Or visit our “award winning” web site at

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