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Feeder Workouts

Posted Mar 10 2008 12:50pm
I bet you think this email is about nutrition right?
Wrong, so if you're looking top muscle building, fat busting foods then you need to check out my favorite nutrition manual.

This email is about the concept of "feeder" workouts. Feeder workouts began in the powerlifting world as a way to train when you were tired or sore.

Nonetheless, in the physique community we have this impression that you can only train a muscle once or at most, twice per week.That's incorrect for a few reasons and one of those reasons is that no one uses feeder workouts.

Researchers in the former Soviet Union indicated that the best gains came if high intensity training days were planned infrequently and is about 70-75% of your workouts were performed at submaximal levels.

Think about it for a second there. Most people want to develop certain areas, females want hamstrings and males want arms.

Well instead of bombing those areas one day with 20 plus sets and having to wait a week, why wouldn't you hit them 48 hours later with less sets?Better recovery and better growth...not bad

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