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Feb Numbers, Open Water Swim, and Ride from Hell

Posted Feb 28 2011 6:56pm
February's totals:
Bike:23h 46m 33s  - 442.8 Mi
Run:14h 34m 12s  - 102.9 Mi
Swim:12h 50m  - 28350 Yd

                                 Total February Volume:   51h 10m

Overall February was a solid month.  I missed about a week total of training because of bronchitis and the stomach flu.  I was happy with the run volume but expected 100 more bike miles and another 10,000 meters in the pool.  But with missing the training I did at the beginning of the month I will be happy with the outcome.

Some other memorable occurrences this month included
A Bike Crash

An Open Water Swim

A Ride from Hell

The Bike Crash happened 9 days ago and I am happy to report that I am healing up.  The road rash sucked but one of my Trakkers buddies,  Laura , recommended 2nd Skin for the big wound on the hip.  It did wonders (Thanks Laura !) and the hip feels so much better.  Sort of sucked wearing pants the first few days after the crash!  The crash happened on my Felt B14 and I am happy to report that she came out of it unscathed.  I dropped her off at the Felt dealer and they gave her a clean bill of health after a thorough inspection!  Maybe she was feeling some pressure to not be down with an injury because this arrived at my door Friday evening

Yep, that is a brand spanking new Kestrel Pro 4000 TT .  Currently the Kestrel 4000 is being assembled at Tri On The Run and should be ready for a fitting at the end of the week.

The Open Water Swim was last Saturday and it was awesome.  The water temperature in the San Jacinto River was a comfortable 66 degrees.  Dave, Karen, and I did a little over a mile as our spouse's followed along side in Mike's (Karen's Husband) boat.  The first part of the swim was brutal as we were swimming directly into the current.  It felt like we were barely moving.  Great training but would suck in a race! The swim back was with the current at our backs and we all got to feel what it would be like to swim like Andy Potts
Spraying on some TriSlide

Karen, Jeff, Dave - this is cold!
Check out these next three photos.  Dave and I were practicing drafting - look at our strokes, can ya tell we have the same Master's coach?  Looks like a synchronized swimming exhibition


Moving Forward ....
March is the key month of training for my Ironman as I am healthy as a bull and ready to crush the training with it entirely in the Build phase.  I will get over 40,000 meters in the pool, 600 miles on the bike, and 120 miles on the run.

I am excited to try out my new Kestrel 4000 and get some miles on it.  The Galveston 70.3 is coming up in 40 days and I am hopeful that the Kestrel can be my ride!

Also, for all of you who are convinced I have a Nutrition Lab in my garage ( Patrick and Kovas ).  I am going to post reviews on Optygen HP and Ultragen .  I have been using  Ultragen as a recovery drink for the last year and started Optygen HP two weeks ago - Kovas and I started on the same day and are comparing notes!

Thanks for Reading,

Jeff Irvin
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