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Exercise Those Eyes!

Posted by Swati S.

For those who do a lot of work with eyes, here are some great exercises to reduce eyestrain and to work those eye muscles. You can either sit or lie flat, without moving your head. Do these exercises slowly. If you wear glasses, remove them. Hold for 3 seconds and repeat each exercise thrice. Close and rest your eyes for a second and proceed to the next one. 1. Without moving your head, move your eyeballs to look up. 2. Look down. 3. Look towards the left. 4. Look right. 5. Look towards upper left. 6. Look towards lower right. 7. Look towards lower left. 8. Look towards upper right. 9. Now slowly move your eyeballs counterclockwise (look up, look left, look down and then look right) Repeat three times without stopping. Now do this exercise clockwise.
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