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Everything about the San Diego personal training industry, that I learned in 2008

Posted Jan 07 2009 4:42pm

1. Go for the positive expected value, not what’s less risky.

2. Don’t do things that you don’t understand, even if you see your competition doing it.

3. Hope is not a good plan, its admitting the possibility of failure.

4. Educate yourself to the max. Read books, blogs, and learn from what others have done.

5. Learn by doing what must be done. Theory is nice, but will never replace actual hands on experience.

6. Learn and surround your self with successful people.

7. Becoming successful, doesn’t mean your great, and you can stop learning. Your success could be just plain luck!

8. If you don’t exercise you will turn into a fat disgusting slob.

9. Develop a good knack for detecting bullshit.

10.  Don’t answer blocked telephone numbers. Its your competition acting like a prospective customer probing for information.

11. Have fun with what you do, or change careers.

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