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Do you any whole body strength training exercises i could implement in my daily routine without using weights??

Posted by Chitomayne

I'am already doing pull ups, dips, push ups, air squats, and lunges daily. I am trying to get lean and i don't have a gym around me but either way i am more focused on using my own body weight and getting ripped, toned, lean, the mose efficient and the quickest way possible. Do you have any tips that could help me out or any supplements besides CoQ-10, Omega-3, or multivitamins that i should take to help me get where i want to be as quickly as possible but at the same time keeping it all natural???
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For more body-weight only exercises, you should try: Burpees, Mountain Climbers, Planks, Planks with side twists, Planks with single leg crunches to the elbow, nose and opposite elbow, Side planks, bench step ups, squat jumps legs together then legs wide, variations on push ups, and where's your core work? Listing all the variations on crunches alone would take a lifetime, but you'd certainly complement your workout by adding a few of the most basic: standard crunch, reverse crunch, leg lifts, criss-cross (bicycle)

How long or how many are you doing each of your exercises? Same routine daily?

You'll get better results more quickly if you can grab a pair of 8 to 12lb dumbells that can be incorporated into many of the exercises we've discussed and provide many more new ones. You can get a used pair in great condition for like $20! Put your money here not on supplements. No supplement will replace strategic effective exercise for weight loss. Everyone should take a multi-vitamin and possibly fish oil as a back up plan for less nutritious days, but we should aim to get our nutrients from the foods we consume. So, about that diet? Whatcha eating? Without knowing what you're putting into your system, it's hard to make any further recos for your goal of "getting ripped."

Currently I am eating 3 balnaced meals and 3-4 snacks a day I change my work out routine every week and incorporate cross training, weight lifting, circuit training, reactive training, along with my stamina training for the marathon I am running. I am not worrying about supplements anymore since I work with a supplement company called USANA you should check it out or you can check out my blog at when I had originaly written this post was a while back and I never responded to ur response and wanted to thank you for your advice and that I completly agree with u. Currently I went down from 187 to 163 from 23% body fat to 11% that I am know but aiming for 7-8 we see how that goes well have a good day and once agian thank you...

Congrats Chito! Keep at it! Always happy to help!

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