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Did I tear my external oblique muscle?

Posted by Evil Fonzie

Wha' happened to me? I was doing a heavy leg press on a machine with a personal training and I think I went too low and something on my upper external oblique (right below my rib on left side) went 'TWANG!!!!' At the time it almost felt that a small fat roll was squished. Now it's three days later and it feels like I've been hit with a dumpster full of dropkicks. Wha' happened? What can I do? Could this be anything other than a muscle strain? How long before it heals? When I'm still it doesn't hurt. Certain movements make the pain intense. Tender to touch.  Can't hike because the shaking of my belly pulls on it so it hurts. 
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Pretty sure i did exactly the same thing today...was doing a set of heavy leg presses and tried to get one more and felt a tearing and then a pop just under my right lower ribs. It was most likely that we forgot to breathe and put a lot of strain on our abdominal muscles. I was doing crunches right before so my abs were tight. I'm a doctor and my best guess is that you're right and its a torn external oblique...unfortunately the only way to heal abs is to rest them...guess its time to do biceps and lower legs until the tear heals...abdominal muscle injuries suck. Would appreciate input from any strength coaches or orthopods on this matter.

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