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Deadlifts – WOAH

Posted Oct 23 2012 4:26pm

Today, was back day and I was fancying something different from my usual lat pulldowns and the like, so decided on doing deadlifts again. I haven’t been able to do them for a while due to soft tissue damage in my foot and didn’t feel stable trying them. So today I thought it had been long enough and I wanted to give it a go.

My god I forgot how insane these were. They work so many different muscle groups that they just have to be included in any workout routine.

Here’s a list of the muscles worked during deadlifts :

I mean, my god, that is unbelievable how much of your body you actually use for these. Trying to walk down the stairs of the gym after doing them was a pretty big challenge in itself, but I succeeded.

Tonight I pushed myself as much as I could and managed to hit a 3 rep max on 150kg which is just short of double my bodyweight. The only thing stopping me from going any higher, I believe, was my grip starting to fail.

I’m extremely happy with that as it’s more than I think I was managing the last time I did deadlifts. My hamstrings and lower back are so tight now it’s crazy, but more a good tight than a bad if that is at all possible.

Going to be adding these in every week for definite again, now that I know my foot is strong enough to cope. If you haven’t done so yet, then DO IT.

Feeling as though I’ve had one of the toughest workouts in a long time, I’m sitting comfortably now writing up this post and watching the football.

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