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Day 45 --HALF WAY THERE!!!

Posted Jun 17 2008 12:00am
Wow! I can't believe it--I'm halfway thru my 90 day adventure! This would probably be a good time to take new (middle-of-the-way) pictures and check measurements and weight, huh? Well, it'll have to wait till tomorrow because I'm doing something new...I'm going to be EARLY tonight! It is 10:08 and I'm already laying in bed--that's at least an hour earlier than usual. I know I need the extra rest because I have been having a horrible time staying awake in the mornings when I am trying to work. I fell asleep at my desk about 10 times in one hour this morning!
Anyhow, it's been a busy day with hardly a moments rest. I got up early this morning to work, then it was off to the gym. I did my normal 45 minute core/weights class and then since there was a teacher there that I liked, I stayed for an hour long Zumba class too. When I left the gym, my t-shirt was soaked. From the top of my collar to the hem at the bottom...the only dry spots were on my lower sides!! Whew! After that I went grocery shopping, then home to put stuff away, take a shower, go to post office, library and to get Brooklyn's hair cut. Then home to cook dinner, wash dishes, and then finally around 8:00 I sat down and watched Matt's new "C'Mere Deer" dvd that he got for Father's Day. I think we are going to look into getting me a bow so I can go deer/turkey hunting with him this next year! It's not my top choice of activity...but it's something he really enjoys...and so that makes me want to be a part of it. Plus, who can resist a girl who deer hunts? ha ha
Since I got almost 2 hours of working out in this morning, I opted to skip Plyometrics tonight. I really wanted to do it...but I know I would have struggled through it. I had a hard time even walking up the stairs in our house tonight. I really gave it my all today at the gym and I am just pooped---energy wise.
Eating today was......well, I promise--I tried. I at least fulfilled my goal of not getting too full today. However, I could NOT seem to get satisfied today. I think I ate at least once an hour ALL day long!
Breakfast: Kashi Oatmeal, 1 turkey bacon, water
11:00 am= protein bar
12:00 pm = 5 pistachios, natural apple chips
1:00 pm = 1/2 filet of tilapia, rice & veggies, a small yogurt cup
2:00 pm = apples & raisens 1/2 cup
4:00 pm = 12 pistachios
Dinner: Grilled turkey breast, rice & veggies, salad, zucchini fries
Snack/Dessert: Chocolate protein shake (medium)
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