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CrossFit Training in San Diego

Posted Oct 10 2008 2:10pm

I am really excited about my new fitness endeavor. I began the Crossfit foundations classes over one month ago and am ready to graduate with competence and be on my own. CrossFit is an intense form of power lifting coupled with a dynamic intertwining of sports conditioning. All WOD’s (Workout of the days) are a timed event. The end result is a balls to the wall puke out at the end of your torturous workout.

I once thought I was invincible in the weight room and can easily perform 44 supersets in one hour while staying aerobically peaked at 80% max heart rate. Crossfit has added a new dimension to my training style. As strange as it may sound I enjoy the intensity, pain, sweat and getting ill.

Moreover, I easily lost 10 pounds since beginning Crossfit training. CrossFit is not for the weak of heart or body. You should be in good shape prior to beginning.

The only negative I could see is perpetual soreness of muscles, joints and spine, which seems to improve over time.

I will soon be a Certified CrossFit Level 1 Instructor and offer this as another training variable to my clients.

Crossfit is difficult to describe, so for educational purposes I will show you a great video demonstrating the meat of the training. Your going to love it. I hope to one day be able to do the “Heavy Fran” like Greg Amundson does in the video!

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