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Combat Training, Week 9, Session 1, Saturday 6:30PM (cables)

Posted Sep 13 2008 12:01am

The past week was a wash. I was just too sick to train. I was having such a hard time breathing at night (sinuses) that my sleep was non-existent. Workouts were skipped for concern of making my immune system work even harded. Strength and some density was lost along with some mass. It will be interesting to see how my fitness level is. To be honest I felt weak and I was diagnosed as being dehydrated by the doc. yesterday. So, I am trying to put more water in my body. He also prescribed Ciprofloxacin (sp) for my flu (or whatever it is I have) which is drying me out and dehydrating me even further.

As an aside, my doctor is new. Yesterday was the first day I have ever seen him and while I want to give him the benifit of the doubt I am nevertheless puzzled by his lack of commentary on the side effects of Cipro. Have a look at this link to see side effects. Unbelievable! I should have asked him, true. But a doctor should never let a patient leave his office without warning the patient of the risks of using certain powerful drugs.

Anyway, I wanted to do a small workout tonight focusing on legs.


  • Bench Step-ups: 6c x 6 x 3 per leg (much harder than imagined)
  • 1 Legged Squats: 6c x 20 per leg (combined for the first time with step-ups and wow! Damn)

As I suspected, I was tired. Ran out of steam fairly quickly, but it could have been worse. Besides, the cables are so brutish that a few lower-body sets with them and you feel worked. That said, my sinuses felt pretty clear and lungs felt good.

Tomorrow I will train again.

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