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Choose Push-ups over Bench Press

Posted by Kim N.

Although the bench press exercise is the most popular in the gym, I prefer to have my clients and classes do push-ups to develop their chest, shoulders, and triceps. By doing the exercise on the floor, you're body has to hold itself up in the plank position, developing core strength and stability. The bench press exercise, where the exerciser is laying on their back on a bench, may be effective in developing chest, shoulders, and triceps, but it lacks that transferability to other daily activities and sports. Push-ups are going to help an athlete more during their sport, or a house wife doing chores, better than bench press. To add an even bigger challenge to your core, try performing the push-ups with medicine balls under your hands. When you do this, your core can work up to almost 20% more, helping protect the back and improve posture.
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Why not have them do both?
Makes sense but how does one balance on the medicine balls? Push up is core -- just did ten. I can see doing this every day at the office between writing assignments.
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