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Build muscle, burn fat tip : How much rest is required between consecutive sets in a workout.

Posted Mar 28 2010 12:00am

This is a common question that comes to mind of every strength training individual. I will provide you with complete information on how much rest is actually required to build muscle, burn fat at the max, when deciding your rest between consecutive sets. Now, a lots of fitness gurus say it should be one minute, others say it should be three minutes, and so on. But let me ask you a simple question, how much do you think is the proper amount of rest between two sets? The answer is simple enough to be guessed by even any fitness arena newbie.
The proper amount of rest between two consecutive sets of exercises depends on the type of exercise performed in the present set and the intensity with which it is performed. No two exercises require same amount of resting period. The key to it is performing the next set only when you yourself feel that we have recovered enough strength and breath to perform the next set of exercise. I personally keep it quite variable depending on the types of exercises I perform, where I take around 1 minute to 4 minutes break between sets, depending on the fatigue level and hardness level of exercise.
Do not let any so called fitness gurus fool you into any set amount of rest between sets. You must keep the basic fundamental of muscle building is to keep on progressing continuously with weights and reps, with each workout and exercise you perform in the gym. For this aim to be achieved successfully, it is absolutely essential that you are giving your 100% in each set you perform. How can you be sure that have really recovered from the last sets fatigue and read for next set in 1 minute, 2 minutes or 3 minutes, it is simply not possible? You need to judge yourself. When you perform a really requiring set of bench press, or heavy squats, you might need to rest for even 4 minutes before next set to build muscle.
Try to listen to your body instead of the guru’s formula, when you are performing exercises and decide the rest period accordingly. But you must also remember that you need to finish your workout within 45-60 minutes to minimize the negative effects of a long workout. So keeping an eye on the watch is critical. Try to take longer breaks for sets that require so, and try to take shorter ones in less demanding exercises. This will help you strike a perfect balance and you will be able to get through your workouts in allotted time, building maximum muscle while burning maximum fat, not muscle. Sounds simple, but you need more practice at it to perfect this type of routine. But you will enjoy your workouts more than before due to the results you see when lifting heavier weights each time. Heavier weights are the steps to build muscle and burn fat. For more such easy tips, you may visit Build muscle, burn fat .

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