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Body Fat? Not Such a Bad Thing Afterall

Posted Oct 30 2008 10:44am

In this country, the most popular cosmetic surgery in liposuction. 325,000 such surgeries are performed annually. This is a procedure in which a dermatologist or plastic surgeon inserts a sterile wand into the body’s fat pockets and vacuums them out.

“Obesity is not due to any defect in adipose tissue per se; it is an issue of energy balance,” says Bruce M. Spiegelman. If you are consuming too many calories relative to what you burn off, the body must cope with that energy surplus, and the fat cell is just the place to store it. If we had no fat cells our body would be out of energy balance and something else would have to give like our livers, colon, or other vital organs. If this happens some very bad things can occur.

“Some adipose tissue is a good thing,” said Barbara Kahn,Chief of the endocrinology, diabetes and metabolic division at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center ,at Harvard.

Our body consists of some 40 billion fat cells which majority are stored under the skin and also interlaced in our belly visceral organs. Interesting to note, that most of the weight that we gain and lose throughout our lives is the result of our existing fat cells growing and shrinking. But when exposed to chronic food/caloric overload, our fat cells go crazy and actually begin to divide and form new cells. This is a protective reaction to nutrient oversupply and big need to store rapidly.

Fat is very dynamic and exchanges chemical signals from our brain, gonads and immune system. It is now recognized as an endocrine organ, and behaves similar to the thyroid gland and pancreas. It has been said that the fat cell delivers a steady stream of at least 20 different hormones, with the kingpin being Leptin a hormone essential for reproduction. This has been shown in young women who are entering puberty.

Overall energy balance can be controlled with proper diet and exercise performed on a chronic basis for lifestyle hygiene. Unfortunately for many individuals energy balance of fat cells become the bottom tier of life’s priorities.

Although a modicum of fat is health and needed for body heat regulation and neural coating, too much can have health detriments. We at Somagenesis Fitness pride our self in the ability to train individuals with fat control issues. Our approach is scientific, and provides visible results over time.
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