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Blog? What Blog?

Posted Nov 12 2012 11:46pm
Hello Blogosphere,

It has been quite some time since we have had a chance to converse.

How have you been? Same ole, same ole? Good to hear.

Well, things have been busy in my world. Yep, that is why you have been so thoroughly neglected.

Sorry, shit happens.

Okay, since most of you are three or more glasses of wine deep lets get caught up bullet-point style

  • Ironman Mont-Tremblant was a freaking blast. My race sort of sucked but had a great time with all my buddies. Kevin and Jon crushed the course and my friend Dave became an Ironman. Mandy had us all laughing the entire time. AND Annie, Jenn (Dave's wife), Beth and Jennie all had wonderful vacations. The Mont-Tremblant Village is incredible. I've travel all over this Continent and cannot think of a better place to host an Ironman. Lodging, dining, entertainment, and the race all with in walking distance or a short Gondola Ride. I have a gazillion pictures that are going to be my next post (We call that a "teaser" in the blogger biz - yep, still got it).
  • IMMT - The Race
  • Sorry for the abbreviated race report but I really just wanted to get it done. It has been the proverbial noose around my blogging neck. Promise to make up for it with the pictures.
  • Now the real reason I have been away from the internets for so long: I WAS SICK. Really, Really sick.
  • A few days after returning from Quebec I had a low grade fever (99-100*) and really thought nothing of it. By the following weekend that fever was holding steady at 103* and I was in bad shape. After a 4hr visit to the Emergency Room, a couple of bags of saline, and a few blood vials drawn it was determined I had something called the Epstein-Barr Virus (EBV) and Mononucleosis. Long story short: It was miserable. My spleen was enlarged and my immune system was under a vicious attack. The doctors told me the EBV could linger for months. It was amazing that I was fit enough to do an Ironman and a mere 10 days later I could not even walk up stairs unassisted. These symptoms lasted for about 3.5 weeks.
  • We are now close to 2 months since I have been sick and am happy to report a clean bill of health. I received the final blood test results last Friday and the Doctor told me I was, "Disgustingly Healthy". 
  • I have been running around 15mi and riding 50-60mi per week. It is hard to hold a 9min pace on the run but for some reason I feel great riding. My overall fitness sucks but I have been down before and will build it back up again.
  • Over much deliberation I have decided to not run the Boston Marathon in April. The reasons are many but the main one is that I am not physically ready to train for a marathon right now. I could always go and just run slow and treat it as a victory lap but I am just not a victory lap type of guy. Seems to me the Boston Marathon is not going anywhere so I can qualify again.
  • According to Internet Rumors , I have become rather plump in my absence. I am here to let you all know that these rumors  are completely false and unfounded. Sort of. My race weight is around 155lbs. After I got over being sick I shot up to the mid-160s. However, this was rather short lived as Annie and I have since begun to see a nutritionist and have been following his plan. My weight as of this morning was 149.6lbs and I have lost 4% BodyFat in just 21 days. I am going to be a lean, mean, racing machine.
  • He has us eating TONS of veggies. My wheat consumption is almost non-existent. If you want to know why read " Wheat Belly ".  Even more amazing is that my energy level is through the roof since we have changed our dining habits.
  • Cooking is kind of enjoyable.
  • A big Thank You to all of my internet buddies who checked in to see why I was not writing - it is nice to be missed!
  • Good Luck to Jason who is racing IMAZ this weekend - go out and crush it dude!
  • You know how above you read something about me "vowing" to never race an Ironman again? Yeah that didn't last very long - Ironman Florida is a mere 352 days away!
Thanks for Reading,

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