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Bionic Woman forgets the core

Posted by Nancy B.

The Bionic Woman may have technologically enhanced appendages, but what good are they without a strong core? Because core muscles support all movement, core workouts focus on muscles that keep the spine, pelvis and shoulders stable. Where weight lifting focuses on one muscle, core exercises the torso muscles all at once. To read more.

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I came in here to address the confusion of "the core" and how the term has gotten skewed completely out of control. I was listening to a guest speaker at a training event over the weekend, who proceeded to tell the large crowd about the core, or "the abdominals" as he specified. But, the core is not just the abdominals. Like Nancy mentioned, if you were to chop off your appendages, you would have your core. It's the abdominals (rectus, and transvers), the obliques, the lower back musculature, the hip muscles (that keep your leg attached to your hip), and I'd even go as far as including the chest and upper back musculature. The Bionic Woman is screwed - she's going to have buff arms, but not the ability to maintain upright to use them!
I am here to address the preview for Bionic Woman. It looked pretty cool. I'm interested to find out how a female superhero movie (where it's not just about a big chest) will influence the younger generation in terms of getting in shape. Wonder Woman always inspired me when I was young.
Having a strong core keeps the game of working out alive and well. Bionic woman or no bionic woman. She has to have the core strength to lift those dumb bells. That goes for anyone who lifts -- core keeps you stable.

I've got to put my 'two cents' in to give thumbs up to Nancy's comment about 'core' strength. Just as the tallest tree can have the best branches and most beautiful leaves, without its 'core structure" it wouldn't hold up to mother's natures gifts. Our biceps and gluets may 'look great', but without a strong, centered core, we 'ain't got nothing'.

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