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Arms of Jello

Posted May 09 2008 11:33am

I lifted weights this morning for the first time in almost two months and for only the second time since February 12th. Forcing myself to get up at 4:00am to workout wasn’t easy, but it is a habit I just have to get back into - I don’t have the luxury of being able to get daily strength training and cardio without doing so.

Previously when I had taken short breaks from weight training I had noticed that if I took a week off that I actually felt stronger when I got back into. This is because I gave my muscles enough time to rest and re-grow the torn tissues that happens when you lift. So I actually had incorporated that into my training schedule where every few weeks I would take a week off. Worked out great.

What doesn’t work out great is taking months off. Then, it’s not so easy. I couldn’t get the same reps in at the weights I had been at previously. And I really noticed it for overhead presses and chest flys - even with reduced weights and reps my arms literally turned to jello each set. By the last rep of my 3rd set I could barely lift the weights, and I am sure my form was absolute crap. I should probably lower the weights even more.

Still, I started the week off how I wanted to - by getting back into the habit of working out.

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