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After lifting weights, I have normal muscle soreness, but I also have significant swelling of my upper arms. Is this normal?

Posted by yllek5

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Well this is a very interesting question, let me tell you why: Firstly, it would be a bit easier to a problem, if any exist, in person. A few questions are necessary as well. Does the swelling feel abnormal to you? Are you experiencing soreness directly after working out? Are you having problems with range of motion, that seems a little unordinary?

If you don't know what I'm about to tell you, it might give you a better understanding. When you lift weights, you generally enter into the anaerobic stage of exercise. This means that the muscles can no longer be fueled through oxygen, but by utilizing glycogen or "muscle sugar". This process leaves the muscles filled with lactic acid. This is responsible for creating a feeling of soreness, if and only if, you are experiencing this soreness directly afterwards. This is called acute muscle soreness. If it takes a few days for the soreness to appear it is from micro-tears in the muscle fiber. That is called delayed onset muscle soreness.  As far as the swelling goes; it is normal to experience this due to the amount of blood that is pumped to certain areas. If your arms feel like they are pumped and you've been working out your legs, then I think you should definitely consult a physician. There may be other factors at play. I hope this helps. Good luck, and please check out my blog:

Dear Sir,

I am from india around 50 years and I had stroke 4 years back resulted in hemiplegia (right side).After stroke my walking detearated with physio therapy. Then I decided to buy a  static aerobic cycle which moves the legs arms. There were sores.but i ignored them and there is very much improvement in walk and my stance has lefted straight instead of hanging hand . but there is no inprovments in the fingers and the wrist which is bent.

kindly advice me how i can improve hfingr and the hand. The email is


karthik iyer

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