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A trick I'm using

Posted by Chris C.

Seeing how I bruised my heel earlier this week, I'm can't do as much walking as I'd like. So, instead, I'm doing basic weight training using a set of dumbbells. As far as exercise investments, the dumbbells have paid off easily over the years. Though they don't have all the options you'd get from a full set of machines or weights, you do have a lot you -can- do with them. The trick I'm using is simple- I set up some task (in this case, job hunting) and at regular intervals (when I finish looking through a section), go do a set. It keeps me motivated and doesn't make it feel like a workout at all.
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I always worry how I'll stay in shape if I get injured, and your solution sounds like a great way to do it, especially by doing sets between other tasks. Good going!
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