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8th Annual Pittsburgh Monster Be ...

Posted Jun 13 2009 12:01am
8th Annual Pittsburgh Monster Bench and DL - or - The Meet that wouldn't end...

11 hours to get through bench and DL - (90 benchers - 45 or so DLers) - a very painful LONG day of waiting.
8 Flights of bench - One platform - 5+ hours - judging was generous - Painful to say the least.

For me: Bench: 295 x 1, 320 x 1, 330 x 0 - Deadlift: 500 x 1, 555 x 1, 575 x 0

A small 5# pr on the bench and a 10# pr on the deadlift - for the length of day and weighing in heavy (due to the scale I beleive and confirmed by several others) - so they had me at 186 and lifting in the 198s. I'll take my PRs and walk away smiling.

I have an ADAU full PL meet next weekend so for that I will come in on weight and ready to go.
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