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Posted May 24 2012 11:43am
2,160 ...

This is the number of runners who chose to defer from running the 2012 Boston Marathon and are now eligible for the 2013 race.

Kevin sent me this article yesterday:   Boston Marathon grants 2,160 deferments for runners who sat out 2012 race due to heat

Here is the controversial snippet
Boston Athletic Association spokesman Marc Davis says those runners will have a chance to register in August, before the rest of the field sign up. The B.A.A. doesn’t know how many will take it up on the offer. 

I am not sure how I feel about this info. That is a much larger amount of runners who deferred then we were all originally led to believe (around 400 was the first number heard). Maybe a few more questions need to be answered first
- Due to the heat in Boston this year how many people did not run a qualifying time for 2013 and will this mean less people will be eligible to register?

- With this being the first year for lower qualifying times (5mins 59sec less across all age groups) will the 2,160 number be negligible?

- What % of the 2,160 will even come back.

- Last year you needed about a 1m 30s buffer to get in, how much buffer will we need this year and how much will the deferment runners push the buffer?

- Is it cool for me to call the 2,160 "Deferment Runners"? Because I kinda like it - let's pass this one along (-
- What if 2013 is unseasonably hot again? Will these people be allowed to defer again?

- If I get bumped and it is close enough that one of the 2,160 took my spot (I BQ'd by 3m 35s) will I even care?

What are your thoughts on how the B.A.A. handled the situation?

Thanks for Reading,

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