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1/2 Marathon Training: 6 Mile Run

Posted Sep 20 2009 10:30pm
Our 1/2 mary training plan called for a run of 6 miles today. Annie and I woke up early again - 5:30 - and went for the run.

One of the things I have been trying to figure out is my nutrition needed in the morning before my runs. If I am doing a distance of over 3 or 4 miles I need to eat something before the runs, but I can't have too much or it will weight on my stomach and make the run difficult. Annie has been having a slice of toast and seems to be doing well with that. I have been taking a packet of GU about 10 minutes before and it seems to be working and another one around the 40-45 minute mark of the runs. Each packet is 100 calories. I also just picked up some Gatorade powder and am going to mix a diluted amount into my water to help with some extra carbs and electrolytes (I sweat big-time). Now usually nutrition isn't that big of an issue with anything under 5 miles but once you get over that distance it becomes important so I am going to experiment over the next few months until I get it right!

Anyways, this mornings run went very well. We ended up doing 6.02 miles in 1:00:20. That is a 10 minute pace. The training program called for a "Conversational Pace" during the run which to me is roughly an RPE of about 2-3. I am pretty confident I can do about a 9 minute pace during the race.

Tomorrow I am getting up early and driving to the "sticks" do do a long bike ride. I am going to do the normal 26 mile course I have done in the past and if I have the energy and the weather holds up I might do it twice.

Thanks for Reading,

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