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1/2 Marathon Training: 50 Minute Run (5.21 Miles)

Posted Sep 23 2009 10:41pm
I stepped outside this morning and something was wrong? I couldn't exactly figure it out but things go ever crazier after we started to run. I mean I actually was running for like a 1/2 mile and I wasn't sweating profusely over my entire body and it didn't feel like a blast furnace was hitting me in the face. My heart rate was not shooting through the roof and for the first time in a long time it did not feel like I was running in a swamp! Then I realized that fall has finally hit Texas and it is glorious!

Man, it was awesome to be out in cool weather. When I say cool I mean 72 degrees. Many of you will think that is hot. I had goose bumps.

The best part was that my run was awesome because of the temperature. I did 5.21 miles in the planned 50 minute run and this was supposed to be the "easy run" day. So my easy pace is like 9:40/mile now! I easily could have knocked another minute or so off that pace and will do that on the next moderate run day. My heart rate did not get above 148 bpm for the entire run!!

Tomorrow is supposed to be a cross training day and Friday is supposed to be a 30 minute run. Well, I am leaving for San Antonio tomorrow night for work and will be there until Saturday. I will be working all day and night on Friday so I am going to miss a workout. Instead of missing a run I am going to do the 30 minutes tomorrow and just miss a cross training day. I will be back in Houston on Saturday evening sometime and if I am not to exhausted from driving I am going to do my 9 mile long run then. If I am wiped out then I will do the 9 miles on Sunday morning. Then on Monday things should be back to normal and I can continue on with my scheduled training.

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