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Storm M. Healthy Living Professional

woodbridge, New Jersey
I am a fitness trainer who spends most of my time drawing and painting. I'm really easy going and always lot's of fun to be around.
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A healthy body is an attractive body

We tend to judge ourselves very harshly when looking at our naked bodies in a mirror. Often times we compare ourselves to people we see in the...

Fat loss The key to fat loss is the quality and type of foods you eat during specific times of the day....

Strengthen your bones

images: Many People think drinking milk or consuming any kind of dairy helps build stronger bones....

Cardiovascular System (heart, blood and blood vessels) What is this cardio that everyone keeps talking about ? How can it benefit me ? Do I even need to do cardio...

Beginners routine for strength Monday – Legs back Squats 5 x (10 / 10 / 7 / 7 / 13) Stiff Leg Deadlift 3 x 10 Tuesday – Back &...
Storm M.'s Whiteboard
May 06 2008 by Larissa
Your welcome. Glad you are enjoying being part of the community. If you ever have any questions, feel free to drop me a line.
Apr 24 2008 by Mary Ann P.
Hi Storm,
My name is Mary.  I'm the moderator for the Wellsphere weight loss community.  Thanks for joining us.  I know the fight to lose weight and keep it off is a tough one.
If you're new to Wellsphere take a few minutes to explore the site.  There are tons of great articles on everything from sports to healthy eating to relaxation.  If you're looking for something specific the search feature is great.  For instance you can use it to find healthy barbeque tips, information on accupuncture and spinning classes along with hundreds of other things.
Feel free to post questions, comments and information.  This is truly an interactive community of people who want to live healthier lives.  We all work together to support one another.
I just wanted you to know that we're here to help you attain your goals.  If there is anything I can help with let me know.  And welcome to Wellsphere.
Mary P